5 tips for surviving cold / flu season

Wearing: scarf from Lulus, BP sweater from Nordstrom, Levis, Seychelles booties

Hey guys! 😊

For the past week I’ve been dealing with an awful cold, but I realized that at least one positive thing can come out of this… a blog post!

With all of the falling leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkins to carve, & cider to sip it can be easy to forget that it’s also cold & flu season.

The last few weeks I noticed more and more sniffles and coughs in my classes and in the library. Then, it was me who was sniffling and coughing.

So, I thought I’d share some tips from my past week with you guys to try to help you all stay healthy and recover as best as possible from the cold or flu.

1. Rest when you need to

This advice is so hard for me to listen to. But, this past week when I was exhausted and miserable while trying to unpack and study I realized that I just need to take time to recover before trying to perform all of my usual tasks.

2. You can never have too many travel-size tissues

Honestly I’ve always had those mini packs of tissues in my bathroom closet and they just sort of sit there… until one day when you least expect it you need them. So, it’s worth tossing a pack or two in your backpack / bag, at least during this season!

3. OJ for days

Need I say more? When I’m sick the only food/ drink that I really crave is orange juice. Plus, all of the vitamin C works to get rid of your cold faster.

4. It’s okay & necessary to prioritize your health & wellbeing sometimes (even over school & work)

If you need to take a few hours or days off to recover then do it! I learned the hard way that trying to go through my usual routine as if I wasn’t sick only made me more miserable and I regretted ever leaving my bed in the morning. (Haha?)

5. Imperfection isn’t the end of the world

Don’t get down on yourself because you “slack” on some of your usual tasks or fall a little behind, we can’t really control when we get sick & catching a cold during this season is more of a matter of when than if.
Hope you’re staying warm + healthy!

Love always,


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