Accessorizing with Velvet Scrunchies 


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I love clothes, shoes, + makeup, but I’ve never been that into accessories.

The only accessories I ever wear are scarves + gloves (more for their functionality living in WA), baseball caps for bad hair days, and a black hair tie that is always on my wrist.

Jewelry, especially, has never interested me all that much. My ears are pierced, but 99% of the time I don’t wear earrings. I only own a couple of necklaces that I bring out for special occasions. And I have 0 bracelets or belts in my room.

So, I wouldn’t say I’m someone who loves to accessorize. That’s why I was surprised when I picked up a few velvet scrunchies while on a Target run recently.

The vintage feel of them caught my eye and the colors + velvet material made me think “why not try it?” (one example of how I never leave Target empty-handed lol).

I’ve been wearing daily them ever since then!

They actually work better than regular hair ties for my hair because they secure my hair better without pulling on it as tightly.

On top of that, they’re just so cute. To me, the two little extra pieces on the scrunchies look like a bow, but in the description they’re called bunny ears. Either way, they’re adorable!

These hair ties add a little something to an outfit and make accessorizing easy (and that means something coming from me!)

So whether you’re looking for an simple way to accessorize, in need of some new hair ties, or just an excuse to go to Target I recommend the Cat & Jack ones!

Available in sets of 3. Click on the images to shop 🙂




(Above photos are from the Target website)

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