Fall Fashion: Burnt Orange Nail Polish

I look forward to the season of fall for many reasons (and no, the downpour of Seattle rain is not among them). The colorful leaves, the apple cider, the pumpkin patches. But, the one thing I get most excited about is wearing my favorite seasonal color – BURNT ORANGE! (Okay, it’s the only seasonal color that I like.)

The warm orange-brown tones mix so well with my usual neutral wardrobe. Plus, they match the leaves!

I’ve been adding all the burnt orange sweaters to my closet and I even found this perfect burnt orange nail polish.

The first burnt orange nail polish I came across was “playing koi” by Essie, but it was sold out. So, I did some digging and found this one by OPI. It’s called “Yank my Doodle,” and is part of a Washington D.C. – inspired collection.

I purchased a 2 pack online from Walmart.

As far as application goes, I applied 3 layers to make sure the color was solid.

I am loving this nail polish and will probably be wearing it until December!

Happy fall, friends!

Love always,


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