And Beauty For All Campaign


This summer I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to begin an internship with And Beauty For All, a campaign which promotes the creation and protection of natural and man made beauty for all peoples.

What do I mean by “beauty?”

Sure, beauty can be subjective but we believe that there are some things that are seen as beautiful to most people. Think iconic mountains, green spaces embedded into urban areas,  community gardens, ancient cathedrals with stained glass windows,  litter free roads and sidewalks. The list is endless.

What exactly does And Beauty For All do?

We are a grassroots organization that advocates for beauty. Our hope is that beauty can be a means through which all Americans can connect with each other, regardless of characteristics like political views or socioeconomic status.

We work with cities to issue proclamations that express their dedication to supporting beauty. Vallejo, California, is the model city through their efforts to restore beauty by pushing legislation that punishes polluters, promotes sustainability, and protects wildlife.

Why I care about beauty

I know what you’re thinking – why beauty?  why me?

Since I was young enough to make homemade posters (on wide rule notebook paper of course) about the significance and urgency of global warming, I have cared about protecting our planet.

Much of my motivation for working for this campaign comes from my passion for natural beauty (living in the PNW I am lucky to experience this abundantly!)

But, it is about more than protecting our environment. It is also about recognizing the positive benefits that beauty can have on our well-being. For the University of Washington’s newspaper, I wrote a series of articles under the column titled “Breath of Fresh Air” that explore these benefits, such as improving physical and mental health.

More recently, I wrote a guest blog post sharing the background of my passion for beauty  on And Beauty For All’s website. To read it click here.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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