Skincare Sunday: Burt’s Bees Acne Collection


Walking down the aisles of the drugstore, you won’t usually find me in the beauty aisles.

I haven’t had the best luck finding drugstore skincare products that actually work, so I tend to just avoid them altogether.

However, when I first came across Burt’s Bees line of acne treatments on Ulta’s website and saw that all of the products had 4-star ratings or better, I decided to pick them up next time I was at the store.

A few days later, I ended up purchasing them from Target because 1) I’m always shopping there + 2) Target has a great return policy for beauty items.

Reusable bag in hand, I left with the purifying gel cleanser, herbal complexion stick, and the spot treatment.

There’s a wide range of Burt’s Bees acne products sold by Target- like the gentle foaming cleanser (which I’d love to try next!), a daily moisturizer, and a 3-step acne kit.  But, I just chose a few that I thought would be best for my needs.

Something that drew me to this line was its natural emphasis + design. The cleanser and spot treatment are made from willow bark and the complexion stick is made of tea tree oil.

Upon use, all of the products have a fresh, almost minty scent + feel soothing and chilling on the skin.

I like to use the cleanser in the mornings to refresh my skin because it’s simple + gentle.

The stick and the spot treatment have unusual applicators. The complexion stick features a roller ball and the spot product I’ve been applying with a cotton ball.

However, I’ve found that with a light hand the roller ball doesn’t agitate my skin.

The only downside of the two treatments is that they can sting a little in places that acne is particularly active in, so be prepared for a temporary stinging feeling if you apply a generous amount in such areas.

The results haven’t been miraculous, but they been satisfactory and I can’t get over how refreshing they make my skin feel. The cool, minty-like scent is so nice!

Out of the products I’ve tried the cleanser is the one I’d be most likely to repurchase because it didn’t irritate my skin at all, foams easily, and is an ideal basic face wash for daily use. 

Overall though, these products have not been too harsh on my sensitive skin and I love their refreshing scents! For a drugstore skincare line they are the best that I’ve found + I can’t wait to try their other products 🙂

Love always,


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