“Jesus Calling” Daily Devotional Book


A devo a day keeps the worry, fear, + doubt at bay.

At least that’s what I learned last year using Sarah Young’s 365-day devotional book Jesus Calling.

For each day there is a short devotional + accompanying 2-4 bible verses to look up.

Most of the time I completed the devos before bed, but a few times I went for the morning route and then reflected on it again at bed time.

The verses helped to shed light on God’s promises to us, increase my familiarity with the Bible + memorization of verses, and to make connections between verses.

Using post-it flags I marked my favorite devos- or the ones that made me think the most or brought me the most strength.

It’s so crazy to me that I managed to read a devo a day for a year (including vacations + nights where I was so exhausted).

I don’t think that it was sheer luck or even just my efforts that helped me to meet my goal, but that God was on my side + wanted me to succeed too.

If you’re still brainstorming New Years resolutions, looking for a new devotional plan, or if you simply have found your way to this post then I hope you look into Jesus Calling in 2018!

Available from Target or Amazon.

Through the highs + lows that each year brings we can all use strength, wisdom, encouragement, peace, + hope and that is what you’ll get from this book.

Love always,


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