5 Things I Wish I Knew as a College Freshman

Sending a warm, smile-filled hello to all of my readers!

Since this is back to school season I am sharing a short list of a few of the things I wish I would’ve known before entering college.

To those of you who are freshman I hope these help you to adjust to college life and to make the most of the next four years!

And, to those of you who are no longer freshman, what would do you wish that you could tell the freshman version of yourself? I’d love to hear your advice for starting college as well as throughout the entire experience!

Thank ya’ll for reading! 🙂


  1. Picking your major isn’t the biggest decision you’ll ever make. Sure, some majors can lead directly into career pathways, but there are plenty of majors that teach you more general skills or “teach you how to learn.” I spent way too much time worrying about which major is “perfect” for me, when my answer turned out to be none. No major is perfect, all have their own challenges. In the end, it was taking a variety of classes and noticing patterns in the types of courses that I enjoyed that led me to my majors, not overthinking / attempting to plan my whole life out at 18 years old.
  2. Listen to your heart and mind when making choices, not one or the other. One of the biggest challenges I have when it comes to decision-making is listening to both my heart + head. In the past, I have leaned to heavily on one or the other, and have regretted either making a decision that was either too emotional or too logical (i.e. what looks good on paper vs. what my gut says). To do this try giving your self as much time as you need to make decisions, rather than rushing.
  3. TRY RANDOM CLASSES. Take the course on dinosaurs, volcanoes, space travel, architecture. Now is the time to indulge yourself in learning new material and to be surrounded by knowledgeable professors who are experts in their respective fields. Trust me, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fill yourself up with knowledge from all across the board. Plus, you never know what subject could start you down an academic path that you never even considered. So, why not?
  4. Write letters to friends + family (and don’t stop). For me, my freshman year of college was the first time I had really ever been away from close family and friends, so I discovered the magic of sending & receiving handwritten letters. Not only are they great means of communication and keeping updated, but receiving a letter is such a refreshing surprise. At the same time, the letters that you send can have the same positive effect on your recipients. Plus, there is something genuine + raw about taking the time to write to another, something that text messages and emails lack.
  5. College is a fresh start, so feel free to reinvent yourself, take risks, and be the person you want to be. Being surrounded by people who haven’t known you for basically your whole life (throughout K-12) gives you the unique opportunity of recreating yourself in a space in which you don’t have to worry about others comparing who you are now to who you used to be, since they have no preconceived ideas about who you are. So, fake it until you make it (no one will know the difference).

Love always,


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