Book Review: Gifts From Heaven


Happy glorious Easter everyone! Christ has risen!

A few nights ago I felt the weight of the world on my back and reached to this new book by James Stuart Bell that was sitting on my nightstand. Before I knew it I had read 50 pages and my worries had washed away by God’s powerful hand.

A clear overarching theme of this book is prayer and how God listens and responds to us. Readers hear many stories of medical miracles, life and death situations, and hearing God’s voice.  As you will see, gifts from heaven are sent by God when we faithfully pray for them and even when we do not receive what we wanted at the time. Most importantly, God’s gifts have no limits so don’t be afraid to pray for what may seem impossible for us because it isn’t impossible for the one listening.

I don’t have any complaints about this book. The design of the book is flawless. The cover is beautiful and the text layout is pleasing to the eye. Real-life stories are told in such a way that your attention isn’t lost but you don’t lose details either. Bell uses just the right amount of words to tell each story. Each story spans a few pages and there are 40 total that make up the nearly 250 pages.

This is an easy-to-read, relaxing book to carry in your bag to read during breaks throughout the day, to read before falling asleep or while sipping your morning cup of coffee. Personally, I enjoyed reading it slowly to best absorb the stories and afterwards to reflect on the daily miracles that I receive daily just by being alive and by attributing all of the good to God.

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for inspiration and to be reminded that miracles are still alive.

Overall, this book is affordable, motivational, and a book to be read over and over. I hope that Bell writes a part two!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Love always,



Disclaimer: I received this book courtesy of Bethany House to review.


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