Monday Motivation: Romans 8:28 ♥


Ah, we have a light dusting of snow in Seattle this morning! I love how bright and extra magical the city and the University of Washington campus looks blanketed with snow.

As I have been spending much mental energy on deciding on majors / minors and questioning my future this verse has been on my heart recently.

While I am stressed, it is the purest comfort to know that through believing in God “all things work together for good.” So, even though I cannot foresee how everything works out in the future as long as I trust, seek, and follow God will ensure that my future is positive.

Not every little thing in my life is perfect now, nor will it be in the future, but what this verse emphasizes is that in the grand scheme of things all of the little imperfections will lead to positive things to come.

For instance, I spent my freshman year at university taking an assortment of classes in basically every department on campus (not really but it felt like it). I took classes on architecture, Greek & Roman mythology, volcanoes, space & space travel, accounting, etc. While at the time I often felt annoyed and anxious that it was taking me soo long to figure out which areas of study I liked and disliked I can look back now and say that I am glad that I studied in so many fields. I am, after all, working towards a liberal arts degree. But, more than that, I have a thirst of knowledge and understanding of the world that could not possibly be fulfilled without taking such a variety of courses. So, everything worked good in the end.

Maybe you are stressed about choosing a college, choosing whether or not to go to college, hate your current classes, hate your job, or just can’t see where the path you’re on is leading. Remember that if you love God (through trusting, seeking, and following Him) then everything, the good and the bad, work together for good.

Love always,


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