Fall & Winter Fashion Must-Haves

As a lover of walking barefeet, wearing shorts, & sippin’ lemonade the cooler seasons are not my favorite times of the year, but living in the PNW they are unavoidable. In Seattle we have seasons. It just so happens that I have to spend both of the coldest and wettest ones getting to school / class and back.

Let’s face it, the only way to make these seasons more bearable are to dress for them.

So, here’s my TOP 3:

  • H U N T E R  B O O T S
    • Pros: Real rubber boots, high quality, stylish, trending
    • Cons: Pricey (but worth it), eventually need to be cleaned with Hunter cleaning products to get rid of blooming
    • These are a must-have because sometimes it rains all week long in Seattle…like this week…yes, all week long…
    • They come in 2 finishes: high gloss or matte. I love the gloss, the shinier the better!
    • They are not intended to be worn as snow boots but with wool socks or Hunter boot socks they have worked for me.
    • I recommend purchasing from Nordstrom because of their free shipping and easy returns. They are also available from Hunter and Zappos.
  • L O N G  J A C K E T S
    • I wear my North Face Metropolis jacket daily and it has held up through over a year of rain & snow.
    • The longer it is, the more it covers, and the warmer you’ll be.
    • This trend is especially popular in the city.
    • Wearing a long jacket makes you feel oh so sophisticated.
  • L U L U  L E M O N  L E G G I N GS
    • Hands-down the only black leggings I will every buy again
    • Thick (not see through), easy to wash, so soft, Lulu’s “naked sensation”, warmer than cotton leggings, durable
    • My favorite pair are the Align Pant II

Stay warm, dry, & stylish this winter.

Love always,


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