A lesson from Mother Nature 

Wildflowers bloom in the foreground with Mt. St. Helens in the background

 Destruction leads to rebirth

Old leads to new

As trees uproot and bid adieu

Once teeming, now fleeting

From rich to sparse

All seemed to fall apart

But for a moment in history

We stood in awe

of nature’s intention we know not

For the present pain can seem without wane

To those who see a falling out as an ending

rather than a cleansing

of the past we need not linger on

for mother nature moves forward cyclically

for when the time comes she does not hesitate

to destroy in order to recreate

a new landscape

which instills greater awe than the last

lakes, hummocks, lupins, and a


not one  who represents destruction

but one who represents rebirth

as inside lies a growing lava dome

rebuilding while preparing to erase once more

because, as time proves,

cycles continue, old news

bad happens

good happens

what you see depends on which you choose

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