Monday motivation

The Tatoosh Range

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

-Tony Robbins

The meaning: only action will alter your current circumstances.

Given its simplicity this quote is currently my favorite motivational phrase. Its short length makes it easily stick with me (well, that and being written on a sticky note posted on my bathroom mirror).

 Try as we may to worry our problems away and to ignore them as if they will magically disappear the reality is that the only way to resolve an issue is to admit to yourself that it exists and then to confront it.

Change once terrified me. Prior to my high school and college years I had not experienced any major bumps in the road. However, later I realized that it is more useful to be flexible than to be ill-equipped to adapting to change. The only prediction that can be made about life is that it will always be unpredictable.

Initiating change may seem daunting, but the change it will initiate could be life-changing.

Wishing you a sunny and safe week!

Love always,


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