Plane Perspectives

Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Sitting in the window seat I gaze out of the double panes of glass.

Trademarks of civilization- cars, buildings, bridges, etc.- look smaller than usual, but they are still massive. Although the most talked about view from planes is typically how small everything looks, to me civilization seems even more massive from the air.

From take off we fly over the airport, houses, schools, and cars until we pass over the Puget Sound’s dark waters.The sheer number of man-made structures is overwhelming. Man rules this landscape.

I most notice the dramatic city planning from above, with many grid-like patterns of houses. It’s strange really, the patterns our structures form as a whole into the land. Through it all though is a sense of interconnectedness. The roads connect place to place, causing everything to feel relatively close together.

Once the plane reached the altitude in which nothing is visible besides infinite clouds I almost fell asleep, until I began to see mountains peaking through the clouds.

I wave goodbye to the Cascade Mountains only to greet the Rocky Mountains.

This landscape contrasts highly with Seattle.

As far as I can see are blue snowy summits- no houses, no cars, no people.

Man does not rule this landscape.

There is something inherently fascinating about uncharted, or untouched, land- a sense of mystery, of wonder, of awe. To see such strong structures that were not man-made really puts into perspective that although we build skyscrapers, bridges over oceans, and airplanes, we cannot build mountains.

Although our civilization consists of over 7 billion people spanning 6 out of 7 continents, nature is a civilization much older and vaster than we are.

Feel free to share your plane perspectives in the comments.

Love always,


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