A Quote for your Monday

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Mountains in Colorado Springs

A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker than, a germ.”

-John Steinbeck

This quote hits home for me in quite literal ways.
I am a germaphobe. The sight of unclean public areas is nearly too much for me. Needless to say, hand sanitizer is my best friend and “unsanitary” is one of my most used words. Side note- Nordstrom has tissues in their bathrooms specifically for avoiding direct contact with the door handle!! Yet another reason I love shopping there- Anyway, I enjoy cleaning not just because it makes things look pretty, but because I feel the need to clean. So, the thought of germs frequent my mind.

However, when I came across this quote I felt immediately like it had something to teach me. Sure, it is reasonable to worry about germs, but there are bigger worries out there. While it is usually commonly known that one should keep his/her physical health in mind, taking care of one’s emotional health is not emphasized nearly as much. Our emotions do not just affect us internally but externally as well, through our mood, attitude, motivation/energy, etc. To me, my emotional health is something that I spend much time thinking about and working on. My focus for this week (besides surviving all of my midterms) is to focus on the positive around me rather than the negativity that really only exists in my mind. Hopefully, the sunshine will help. Guys, I’m looking at 81º in Seattle today.. That calls for sunscreen and a cool air-conditioned library for me 🙂

So, remember that it is okay to feel sad every now and again, but do not let sadness become more than a feeling, because essentially that is all that it is.

Happy Monday!

Love always,


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