Colorado Springs

Last week I traveled to Colorado for the first time.

I went into the trip with no expectations, and left with the need to return.

The flight offered views I could not take my eyes off of. I saw snowy mountain ranges for what seemed like a few hours. I waved goodbye to the good ol’ Cascade mountains and said hello to the Rocky range.

The aspect of Colorado which appealed to me the most was its geographical features. Given its position in the middle of the country, it was quite a sight for my eyes with its mixture of towering green trees, red sandstone, and cacti. At times the landscape felt familiar, like that of the Pacific Northwest, but then the next minute the landscape would feel more of like a dry, desert-like area, similar to Arizona.

garden of the gods 1IMG_9889IMG_9893

My #1 must-see park in Colorado Springs is Garden of the Gods. It offers distinct rock formations that are truly awe-inspiring. The sheer mass of them are humbling. But, these rocks provide more than the obvious. These rocks have tracked the ancient history of the area. If looked at closely the rocks reveal oceanic fossils and Native American hieroglyphics. This park is embedded into the city. On the freeway that passes by it, its rock features dominate the scene. Of course, houses have been built in close proximity. In a somewhat ironic way these gardens of god have been weaved into the gardens of civilization. It is free to the public and houses a visitor center.

If this park sounds interesting, I recommend watching this short but insightful documentary about the park 🙂

As cliche as it sounds, there was just something (whether it be the environment, the friendliness, or the history) about Colorado that felt right to me.

I cannot wait until life brings me to CO again… maybe in a more permanent way next time?

For now I am enjoying the spring sunshine in Seattle.

Love always,


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