Brad Paisley Concert!



Brad Paisley performing at the Tacoma Dome 2/13/16

So, it has been 3 days since my boyfriend and I went to see Brad Paisley’s “Crushin’ It” World Tour and I am still not over it.



The two opening acts were Cam & Eric Paslay.

Paisley gives so much during his performances. He sang ~25 songs! I was so surprised that he sang all of his hits, literally all of them! Those songs are the ones I grew up listening to, so naturally I know all of the words. He exceeded my expectations. He even paused during songs to sign his own guitars and give them to little kids in the crowd. He also took lots of selfies on fans’ phones 🙂

During “Country Nation” Paisley said “You guys aren’t just Seahawks, you’re also Huskies.” Having just left the University of Washington to have a nice 3-day weekend off, Kyle & I were stunned that our school was part of the concert. Suddenly, our mascot & cheerleaders appeared on stage. Voices around us did the husky “bark.” That was probably my favorite part.

When Paisley first addressed the audience of Tacoma he mentioned “coffee & Seahawks.” The dome began chanting “Go Hawks!” it was so funny. He was spot on though, must’ve done his research.

Paisley even made his way around the dome. He didn’t stay on the stage, which I thought was considerate because then more people could be closer to him.

Finally, his encore was phenomenal. I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t come back out, since he had already sang over 20 songs, but he did.

Overall, I highly recommend everyone to see Brad Paisley perform live! The energy throughout his performance was through the roof. Seriously, the set list was the BEST! I’ve been to country, pop, classical, & christian concerts, but this one by far was the most fun! Paisley fans are friendly too, so the people seated next to you will probably chat with you 🙂


〈 Some of my favorite Brad Paisley songs 〉:

  • Beat This Summer
  • Then
  • American Flag on the Moon
  • Country Nation
  • Perfect Storm
  • The World
  • Little Moments
  • I’m Still a Guy
  • River Bank

He has so many more hits as well! Give them a listen 🙂

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Love always,


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