Happy February!


Happy Birthday Month, Kyle!! 🙂
One month of 2016 down already.

With SO much going on I found myself looking over my plans for the month and being SO excited- so excited for this month that it was difficult to fall asleep. I have not felt that excited for anything probably since the night before I moved up here, in late September.

When I sat down to write my monthly goals I a new outlook came to mind..

Make each month the best month of my life.

Rather than focusing on the new year as a whole, why not get excited about every month instead?

Each day is precious. That notion can often get lost when one gets caught up in the normal routine of things (which is very easy to do when you are in school). So, I look forward to the non-school related activities/holidays of this month, rather than dread the school part.

Although there are finals and research papers this month, there is also National Kindness Week + Day and Kyle’s birthday to look forward to. Plus, it is getting warmer in Seattle! That means less days wearing layers upon layers with a giant jackets on top. One month to go until spring!


It is funny how much more enjoyable everyday life is when you focus on the positive things.

Best wishes for this month!

Love always,


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