Sweet, Sweet Closure 

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I don’t know if there is a sweeter feeling than gaining closure at last.

No matter what a time period represents that closure seals away, it always brings a refreshing feeling.

Closure initiates a fresh start.

Closure is one- if not the most- rewarding things.

It comes only after it is deserved, after the lesson(s) from a situation or person have been truly grasped.

Often, when I find myself in a situation that I know I need to get out of/ move on from, I try to talk myself into believing that I already have closure- because in that instance there is nothing I want more. I want so badly to be at that point. But, there’s no denying that closure cannot be faked.

Closure requires 100% decisiveness. 

Now, I am quite an indecisive person. So, sometimes it is challenging for me to stick with what I know I should do- sometimes I have to make the same mistakes many times, even over many years, until the lesson (which I know I should be learning) finally hits me.

I’ve been learning a lot at college these past 1.5 quarters. Just like during high school, I’m learning more about life lessons & myself than I do about academica.. Which is more important at the end of the day, anyway? To me, the growth that results from self-discovery is infinitely more valuable than any information taught to me in school. That being said, I also love school & studying.. Soooo yeah. Indecisive.


While dealing with someone who shouldn’t / doesn’t have a place in your life anymore or while attempting to leave a situation in the past, closure is key. Keep it in your mind as a goal. Once it is acheived  you will feel pure relief & happiness at finally moving forward.

Life is constantly moving, make sure that you are moving with it.

Love always,


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