It’s the little things..

I don’t need to explain the role of material culture in modern times.

But, maybe I could shed a bit of light on the subject..

First of all, you’re reading this on some sort of electronic device- a phone or laptop, perhaps. Now, you don’t need this device to survive. Rather, you own this device because it brings you entertainment, it is convenient, it connects you with others, and based on the notion that if you did not have one then you would be deemed “behind” in today’s society. Maybe, consequently, you feel as if you need said device to survive, but you do not.

If you search “necessities of life” on Google the results will more or less consistently point to the answers: food, water, air & shelter.

Now, if you search “necessities of modern life” you will arrive at a very different answer. You will see various lists including coffee, a glass of wine, Internet connection, & a daily shower.

While the second search may come up with results that are intended to be humorous, they are also quite realistic in today’s times.

It is all too easy to feel like our necessities, or the things that we need, are an updated version of that, or a bigger this.

It is all too easy to miss the most priceless things in life by focusing on the most pricey things.

Ask yourself, “at the end of the day, what really brings me happiness?”

For me, the majority of my answers are the little things.

My little things include:

  • Taking my puppy for a walk
  • Re-reading a novel (I seem to get more out of a book the more times I read it)
  • Looking through my Polaroid pictures
  • The sound of rain outside
  • Chatting with an old friend
  • Journaling
  • Napping in my bed filled with fuzzy blankets & pillows
  • Writing/ reading letters
  • Watching the sunrise & sunset
  • Laughing
  • Hugs
  • Phone / Video calls

Even while writing my list my mind was producing ideas that I had never thought of before.

It only takes a few minutes to determine your little things, a few minutes that would be well-spent.

Never forget your little things!

Love always,


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