A Happy Shade of Blue


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Photographed by K.B.

Over the summer, when I was thinking about starting a blog, I brainstormed lists upon lists of potential  domain names. The one that I chose, A Happy Shade of Blue, came to mind one day and I instantly knew it was the one.

So, what does my site name mean exactly?

My name is a reflection upon how I often feel “blue” / sad, yet happy at the same time.

Although this may sound contradictory at first, there is logic behind it.

In hindsight, all of the times that I have felt upset or faced some sort of conflict have been the times in which I have grown the most.

It’s that growth that I am happy about.

When I feel myself becoming overwhelmed or anxious or any sort of “blue” I try to see past the situation, to imagine what I am going to learn by going through this time in my life. Consequently, I train myself to feel happy while being blue.

We all have a choice when we are feeling blue. We can choose to let ourselves become too consumed by the feelings simply because it is easier / natural to do so, or we can pull ourselves out of the situation in order to see why it is that we are going through what we are.

I am all for feeling my emotions in their entirety.
It is when certain circumstance or events trigger the same set of emotions every time that I cut off my emotions. Take, for example, stress. In normal doses it can serve as motivation to be productive, but in more severe doses it just drains energy and wastes time. So, in the case of feeling stressed, I try to recognize that there are constraints, deadlines, and expectations that are my goals to meet, but if I spend time stressing out over them then I end up farther away from completing whatever it is that is causing the stress.


Being blue is not a bad thing, it is a learning thing.

Essentially, it’s the trials, challenges, & heartbreak (and our reactions to them) that shape who we are.

I am thankful for all of the blue times that I’ve had & I hope you are thankful for yours as well!

Love always,


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