Setting New Year’s Resolutions

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Who do you want to be?

How are you going to get there?

And, WHEN are you going to start?

There is no fresher start than a new year. Just like how the tide washes in & out daily, taking out the old & bringing in the new, so the new year marks a new beginning for us.

I  set goals / resolutions for myself every year because doing so motivates me to grow.

My thought process behind setting New Year’s Resolutions goes something like:

  1. Which areas of my life need improvement?
    • spiritual, physical health, relationships, school/ work / career, confidence, etc.
  2. How much time should I set aside to make those improvements?
    • monthly/ weekly/ daily
  3. How will I hold myself accountable?
    • ask a friend to check in every now & again
  4. How can I measure my progress?
    • set specific goals

A few additional tips:

  • Focus on a few goals rather than a long list that will end up being unsuccessful because it is overwhelming & unrealistic
  • Remind yourself why you set those resolutions in the first place
    • Why is it important?
  • Create some sort of schedule to reach your goals and know that it is okay to adjust it if you need to

Never forget that every single day provides us with a clean slate, an opportunity to start again.  Our ideas of what we want out of life are constantly changing, so naturally our goals are bound to change as the year goes on.


Here are my resolutions so far:

  • Dedicate at least twenty minutes everyday towards growing spiritually
    • Read the bible, devotions, listen to worship messages, praying / making prayer lists
  • Spend more time working on this blog
    • post at least once a week while school is in session
  • Become less materialistic
    • limit money spent on unnecessary things (clothes especially)
    • have no spending $ weeks
    • save money by not buying coffee drinks on a regular basis..but I live in Seattle..???
    • spend more time doing arts & crafts

One of my top goals of 2015 was to create a blog & I am so happy to have acheived it!

Love always,




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