Canoeing on Lake Washington during autumn

This year has hands down the best 365 days of my life.

Most people probably say this at the end of every year… (me included) but seriously, 2015 is at the top of my book.

Thinking back to the close of 2014 I had my sights set pretty narrowly on giving my honors at exit speech (part of my senior project). The day after Christmas I was putting the finishing touches on my portfolio & my PowerPoint. My practice speech was right after break, so all I was thinking about post-Christmas was “AHHHHHH I HAVE TO GIVE A SPEECH!!!” Anyway, the point is that I was not imagining everything else that would/ could happen in 2015. Even if I had, there is no way I could have predicted all of the happiness life would bring my way.

Here is some of the highlights from this past year:

  • KYLE ♥
  • Meeting Daughter Emi / Birdwatcher / Soul Sister
  • P R O M – going to the beach before & then bowling at 1 am afterwards
  • Graduating with my dearest friends by my side
    • I love you Brianna, Megan, Kyle, Braden, & Amanda!
  • Looking up to the crowd at commencement and seeing Taryn & Daughter Emi cheering 🙂
  • Spontaneously cutting my hair the shortest it has been since like 4th grade…
  • Adventuring with Kyle →
  • Watching more sunrises & sunsets than ever before
  • Driving my brother to his first day of high school..so proud of him!
  • THE APPLE CUP  w/ my dad, GO HUSKIES 45-10
  • All of the times Kyle & I ran in the rain to get milkshakes at 10 pm
  • When NEVNEV took the train up to Seattle to visit me after 3 months of not seeing each other ♥
  • Completing my first quarter of college… p.s. I skipped freshman year! 3 years to go!
  • Making our first KB^2 Christmas card 🙂
  • Watching Daughter Emi & Daniel perform in Christmas musicals!
  • And, of course, CHRISTMAS!

Feel free to comment some of your highlights from 2015 below, I’d love to hear them 🙂

There were countless other amazing moments that would fill up a whole book if I typed them all up. Thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride of 2015 with me.

I am soo looking forward to expanding this blog in 2016.


Stay safe.

Love always.





3 thoughts on “2015- THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.. SO FAR

  1. Daughter M

    Here are some of my highlights of 2015 :
    • Able to have met some amazing people/ best friends
    • Watching a Soccer game for the first time in highschool
    • Meeting Mother Kara, Birdwatcher, & Soul Sister
    • Whom introduced me to Father Kyle, Braden & reunited me with Sis Taryn
    • Going on little adventures / Becoming more open to change
    • Winning 3rd for my music group in a contest
    • Supporting Kara/Kyle/Braden & many others at graduation w/Taryn
    • Was able to support someone & got super close with them …. 😊
    • Having kind of an all around yoloish summer
    • Sending off my friends to college
    • Starting my jr. year of highschool & almost halfway done ✌🏼️
    • Got to start something new by writing letters to my friends in college
    • Being able to see & catch up with everyone on various holiday breaks
    •Going on a spiritual journey & learning more about God
    • Christmas
    • MUCH MORE 😄

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    1. Awwww daughter I’m so happy that you commented a list!!! I’m even happier that I’m a part of so many of your highlights ❤️ don’t forget changing your look 😉 LOVE YA!


      1. Daughter M

        Aww I was touched you had me as one of your highlights 💋 Thank you! You are a dear friend to me & This next year will be amazing ! …. Especially in the summer when Daughter gets to drive you around ! Hehe ….. 😉


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