A Wintry Wish

Mt. Rainier, Washington 2015

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”
-William Blake

It’s that time of year that I anticipate all year long, but that passes by too quickly. Ever since I can recall, winter has been my favorite season. I still remember my excitement upon being assigned the “favorite season” writing prompt in elementary school. There’s so much going on during this season, what’s not to love?


There’s something about the stillness of nature during this time of the year. Something about the frigid, yet sweet air brushing against my face. Something about the snow falling from the sky to gracefully cover the trees & ground. Something about the white skies overhead. Something about the crunching of snow beneath my feet. Something about the appearance of untouched snow. Something about being immersed in winter.


Of course, winter is associated with much more than snow. When I hear the word “winter” I think lights, cards, decorations, family, shopping, gifts, crafts, baking, and everything else that comes along with the holidays.

Mailing Christmas cards is definitely a must for me. It allows me to send a personalized greeting to my family & friends, even the friends who I do not see very often anymore because they live in other cities, states or even countries. It’s just a friendly, spirited thing to do. This year my boyfriend & I sent a few holiday cards/ letters to senior citizens via the Love for the Elderly organization (more information on that in an upcoming post).

Being on winter break has not felt like that much of a break yet. There’s been so many plays to attend and gifts to be wrapped and cards to be mailed and such. This stress is almost worse than college stress. Once I’m all finished up it will all be worth it though.

The only thing I cannot control is whether or not  we will get a white Christmas. Fingers crossed.

On a final note, this is the second Christmas spent with my puppy, Lilo.

FullSizeRender (34)
While Lilo is cute, she also has a knack for taking ornaments off of the tree & opening presents early. She sure makes for some daily entertainment though. Oh, puppies 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Love always,

K ♥

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