The Season of Thanking


“Do small things with great love.”

-Mother Teresa 

Although lights are going up around the city and the frigid air hints of winter, we have not yet reached the season of giving. Before we begin strategic shopping, tree hunting, & sending out cards there is one more season we will pass through first: the season of thanking.

The nickname “season of thanking” implies that there is much more to the Thanksgiving holiday than just one day. Before, during, and after November 26th is the perfect time for us to focus our hearts on thanking those that have touched our lives in the past year. Of course, there is never a bad time to have a thankful heart, this season simply reminds us of the value of expressing our appreciation.

Without genuinely being thankful Thanksgiving is just another day. 

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What can you do to make this season count?

Everyone expresses gratitude in their own ways, but here is a list of what I enjoy doing to prepare myself for Thanksgiving.

    Let teachers, friends, & family know that you appreciate all that they do for you
  • Make an “I’m thankful for ____” list
    Take some time for yourself to reflect upon the good things
    (I always feel SO much more positive and blessed after doing this)
    Often we take on too much, causing feelings of stress, and it can seem as if life is moving too fast for us to keep up. But,  by taking time each day to wind down (by reading, journaling, taking a walk, or whatever else-it’s up to you) then you will feel better and once again be able to see that there is SO much more to life than studying or working or obsessing over the future

“If I chose to bless another person, I will always end up feeling more blessed.”
-Marianne Williamson 

A little thank-you can go a long way.
By expressing your gratitude not only will you feel all the more grateful, but the person whom you thank will feel thankful for you too.
And, who knows, maybe that person will be inspired to thank someone else and spread the thankful spirit.

Happy Season of Thanking!
Thank you all for reading my blog! ♥

Love always,


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